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50 ml
TORNADO represents a completely new category of defensive sprays, which at present has no equivalent on the market with defensive sprays. A super-bright flashlight with white LED diode was added to the classical defensive spray.

Most of critical situations, during which people defend themselves by defensive sprays, takes place particularly in darkness. It is impractical to hold flashlight in one hand and spray in the other one. Moreover it is quite problematic to co-ordinate movements of both hands at critical situations. At the same time it is necessary to aim the spray precisely at the attacker’s face and flashlight should therefore light the place where irritating gas should hit the adversary.

Our „spray flashlights“ now make it possible to handle both flashlight and the spray with one hand only and to use thus the other hand for better defence. Beam of light enables precise aiming at the target. The company ESP has contributed by this significant innovation of defensive sprays to enhancement of general level of self-defence.
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