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The Signal’s lightweight, compact design makes it a perfect option for continual use.
  Capturing still images and video is seamless with the Signal’s built-in video recorder. Image and video content is stored internally and can easily be transferred to PC/laptop via wired connection or wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet with the iOS and Android compatible Stream Vision App.
Using the free, high-tech, iOS and Android compatible Stream Vision app, the Signal connects via Wi-Fi to allow transfer of images and video to smartphones and other wireless devices in real time, stream footage to YouTube and other online video platforms (depending on model), and even use your personal device as a wireless remote control!
Signal Digital Night Vision Scopes include base optical magnification of 4.5x, depending on model, while digital zoom also provides 2x magnification. Even at maximum optical magnification and digital zoom, the sensor and display deliver rich, high quality imaging.
Signal Digital Night Vision devices come equipped with a powerful, built-in 940 nm IR illuminator. Multi-stage adjustability ensures you have the perfect amount of IR illumination in virtually any environment.
High night sensitivity, robust magnification and a powerful built-in IR illuminator combine to make the Signal Scope the perfect tool for target detection at about 300 meters distances.
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The Futurus 12x50 wide angle binoculars provide comfortable viewing of moving objects due to the wide field of view. Long eye relief allows the binoculars to be used wearing spectacles and high light gathering power enables the binoculars to be used in twilight conditions. The Futurus Wide-Angle Prism Binoculars are remarkable for their innovative structural design and multifunctionality. They meet all the demands of the modern consumer. In addition to innovative design, the Futurus line utilizes solid optical characteristics.

High-aperture optics with fully multilayered coatings means the binoculars can be used even in twilight conditions. The eyepiece diopter adjustment enables focusing for individual differences in eyesight and to get the best high-quality focused image.

The Futurus' ergonomically designed rubber armor and lightweight, compact body gives a comfortable grip and protection that is ready for serious outdoors adventures. The big central focusing wheel provides simple and comfortable adjustment. Reliability and stability of optical adjustments is provided by a firm metal axle.

Body Description
The Futurus' ergonomically designed rubber armor and lightweight, compact body supplies comfortable grip and protection that is ready for serious outdoors adventures. Lightweight body is made of shockproof coal plastic. Rubber armoring protects the binoculars from dust, dirt, moisture and protects when dropped. Dust-proof gaskets protect the binoculars from snow, dust, and dirt.

Optics / Perfomance
Optical parts of the binocular are made of high-quality optical glass. Fully multi-coated lenses utilize True Color™ magnesium coatings providing improved light gathering capabilities as well as exceptional color transmission that is high in contrast and resolution even at the edge of the field of view. Porro-prism optical schematics provides high light-gathering power, excellent three-dimensional image and wide field of view.

Lens Caps
The Futurus' exclusive Eclipse™ lens cover system creates