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Introducing a new series of great valued airsoft guns with authentic Armalite markings, and in a variety of configurations to provide the players with more options in regards to looks and functionality. Each rifle comes with a Mosfet unit installed in the stock. Due to the much lower electrical resistance in a Mosfet, it delivers a faster trigger response, higher Rate of Fire and elimination of switch burnouts.
All models come with a 5 position SopMod stock with removable shoulder plate for quick access to the battery compartment. The sleek looking high-cap magazine is constructed from durable polymer in a contemporary design.

The expert eye will notice that the new Armalite series offers three different upper receiver designs, one in metal and two in fiber-reinforced nylon as well as four different front guards. This results in four different configurations in either all black or black with desert tan fixtures, for a total of seven models to choose from.

This is the light tactical carbine is built for speed, featuring a slim modern receiver in fiber-reinforced nylon and light-weight front-end with KeyMod.

Built in Mosfet.
Oversized sling plate.
300 rd. Hi-cap polymer magazine.
Collapsible 5 position stock.
Removable folding front and rear sights.
Fully licensed by ArmaLite.
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Before using, read the manual. It is highly recommended that the ASCU be installed by an Airsoft technician with experience and knowledge on the subject. 
ASCU is an electrical module that dramatically improves the cycle of the gearbox (the mechanics of the replica). ASCU monitors the work of your Gearbox at all times - no matter how you pull the trigger, the replica will function in the same way. ASCU also have low battery protection. If the battery starts to drain, the electronics will give you a signal and stop the power supply. You can use Li-Po batteries from 7.4 to 12V, as well as NiMh and NiCd batteries. It is strongly recommended to use 11.1 or 12 V Li-Po batteries. If you want to use 7.4 Li-Po or 8.4 NiMh make sure that you install M90 or M100 spring. The ASCU will also stop the power supply in case of a problem in the gearbox. This way you will save the replica. No modifications or alterations to the gearbox are required to install the electronics. In a small number of cases, the gearbox may need to shed some small details so you can put the electronics safely. ASCU electronics work perfectly with quality motors like those from Ultimate line. In the kit you will find two-piece ASCU, cables and connector (cables and connectors are already installed in the electronics), a selector plate, a cut off lever and spring for the cut off and guide. In some cases, you have to use the factory selector plate which you have on the replica. ASCU Gen 5 can be reprogramming in different shooting modes. If you want to learn how to do this, read the instruction manual.

If you would like to contact an Airsoft technician for further questions on the subject, please click