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Block bow Man Kung MIRAGE MK-CBA2 black (included) MK-CBA2-BK
Block bow Man Kung СBА2 - can be confidently recommended for beginners, since CBA2 is very unpretentious and easy to learn. A wide range of force and stretch adjustments allows shooting from the SBA2 not only to men, but also to women and even children.
Block bow Man Kung CB A2, the successor of smoothness, accuracy and stability from the previous model Man Kung CB 75, but in comparison with it the bow has become a little more aggressive, the bowstring damper has become adjustable. The new model looks more brutal and aesthetically pleasing.

New rather large blocks on bushings (sleeve bearings) are immediately striking. The limb bolt is not screwed into the metal of the handle, but into the steel axle-core, which increases the strength of the knot and makes it possible to make more turns when loosening the Man-kung CBA2 compound bow. The handle has also been redesigned to be sleeker and lighter.

Remained the same wide adjustments in tension and stretch. The modulus for changing the length of the stretch is still displaceable, but the range itself has been significantly expanded, now it is from 19 to 31 inches, which is extremely versatile.

The release of effort walks from 70 to 80%, depending on the length of the stretch (the shorter, the less and release), which is most comfortable for inexperienced shooters. The 7 '' base is also great for beginners and experienced shooters, as it is less demanding on shooting technique.

By relying on the average contingent, the Taiwanese manufacturer has not forgotten about quality. The shoulders of the bow are made from high-tech materials made from carbon fiber reinforced plastics used in the aerospace industry. The bow handle is made of aluminum alloy and covered with a rubberized film that prevents the bow from slipping in wet weather. This is very convenient for hunters who prefer to hunt from an ambush, when they have to sit for hours without moving, so as not to frighten off the gape of the game.

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