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Dominate the CQB and urban fields in your battle zone with the M15 URX-SBR
Ideal for close quarter combat but able to hold its own in a woodland skirmish, the M15 URX-SBR combines potent firepower in a compact package.
A durable nylon polymer body houses a 9mm bushing V2 gearbox with ‘quick-change’ spring fitting to allow you to customize your energy output to suit your game arena.
The M15 URX-SBR excels as an ideal close combat weapon with its rapid rate of fire, high capacity magazine and its PDW type stock and short barrel allows the user to get into the smallest urban areas.
A combination of 20mm picatinny rails and M-LOK rail sections provide attachment points for a wide variety of combat accessories
Up to date electronics are standard on this excellent value AEG with a programmable inline MOSFET allowing five different firing modes from its ECS digital trigger and a low voltage detector will preserve your battery life.
The SLV M15 URX-SBR comes complete with battery and charger.
• Durable injection molded polymer body
• Polymer 20 mm RIS handguard accepts most standard 20 mm accessories, with M-LOK compatible side rails
• Full length 20mm top rail for mounting optics and other accessories
• Easy spring-change system gearbox with 9mm bearing bushings and inline MOSFET
• Programmable Electronic Control System provides 3/5 round burst, motor protection and low battery detection
• 6.03 tight bore inner barre
• 2-Position PDW-style stock
• Battery and wall charger included


E & L has emerged as the new standard on the AK market. This manufacturer has set itself the task of creating airsoft guns that come as close as possible to the original model, as possible. All attachments are made in the same factory as the originals.

The material used is as far as possible the same - steel, wood elements or high-tech polymer. Some of the unobjectionable parts even come from the same production line.

As far as possible, the specification of the original 1: 1 was adopted for all parts, both in terms of material as well as dimensions and coating.

All steel parts have been anodised , which further underpins the authenticity. The parts are thus much more robust than if they were only painted.

Also, the weight is very similar to the original! The weight distribution is similar to the model. In addition, every E & L AK, like the original, can be disassembled largely without tools . All these features combined make E & L AKs by far the most impressive AK replica on the airsoft market.

Steel parts were burnished , which makes them very realistic. Even the wear over time is more authentic than an artificially painted "used look". The only metal parts made of aluminum are the 22mm RIS handguard and the mounting rail , which can be used for mounting various accessories.

The shaft folds in to the left.

On the left side, typical of these models, is the classic AK mounting detail . Many special AK sights but also RIS adapters can be found here.

All E & L replicas come with tough technology oil on delivery, which protects the material against moisture and other impurities during transportation. A mix of oil, steel and lacquered wood creates a unique smell , which should be especially well-known to soldiers and makes unpacking an adventure.

The battery is located under the Dust Cover for this model. This cover is secured with a single hook, which can be solved quickly and easily without tools.

Not only externally, E & L can convince in full line. The engineers have been inspired by the best manufacturers and also incorporate their own ideas. The tightness is ensured via Silent Pistonhead and perfectly matched cylinder head. The Spring Guide is ball-bearing and the Sector Gear has a delayer clip , which is especially useful for strong batteries and high fire rates. By default, a 6.04mm precision barrel is also installed.

Characteristic of Generation 2:

New is the improved standard Gearbox . The most noticeable difference is the spring quick change system ! This allows a simple and tool-free change of the spring without having to laboriously open the gearbox and close it again. When the gearbox has been removed from the body, it is only a matter of seconds to change the spring!

Furthermore, many components are enhanced over Generation 1, for example: Gearbox Shell, Gears, Cylinder, Nozzle, Spring Guide and Wiring. These improvements guarantee better reliability , higher ROF and lower power consumption.

What exactly do you find in the Gen 2 Gearbox?

- The new Gearbox Shell with 9mm ball bearings and the spring quick change system 
- Ball-bearing Spring Guide
- CNC steel gears 
- One-piece CNC steel cylinder
- a sealed nozzle with O-ring
- a set of 9mm ball bearings 
- reinforced high tech piston with three steel teeth
- top high torque M170 motor with neodymium magnets
- Silver coated wiring for minimal resistance

A magwell spacer has been added to the receiver, which significantly accelerates recharging and completely eliminates damage to the magazine, as was the case with Generation 1.

The OVP is also new and elegant. These boxes are filled with foam and keep the AEG and accessories safe in shape.

Included is a steel magazine with 150 BBs capacity.

The set contains:

- EL-A104-C AKS74UN MOD C Platinum gene. 2 AEG
- Magazine
- oil bottle
- 30A spare fuse
- QA test certificate

Добре позната ни еърсофт реплика предоставена от Umarex, изработена от тайванската VFC. Подобрени вътрешности, включително и добавен Mosfet, който значително подобрява представянето на репликата. Изцяло метални рисийвъри и полуложа, на които са добавени и автентични маркировки. Активна затворна задръжка за по-лесно настройване на Хоп Ъп-а и допълнителна доза реализъм. Стоманени регулируеми мерни прибори. Mil-Spec регулируем приклад на две позиции..
Батерията се позиционира в кутия на ложата. Перфектна изработка за хората, които искат перфектно представяне на терен. Подсилен гиърбокс от VFC, с 7 милиметрови бушинги. Метална вентилирана глава на бутало, полимерна глава на цилиндър и полимерен нозъл с О-ринг. Полимерна хоп ъп камера с бърза и прецизна настройка на хоп ъп. Стандартна цев с диаметър 6.08.


The HERA ARMS CQR is a joint partnership project by ActionSportGames and ICS Airsoft. The Airsoft rifle is designed and developed using original blueprints and drawings provided by HERA Arms, and also features components custom made for Airsoft by HERA ARMS. The project is built on the ICS CXP AEG platform for proven reliability and performance with its split gearbox and quick spring design.

The modern design features of the CQR stock is a new take on the fixed stock for AR platforms. Envisioned for the civilian market as well as LE/Military, the compact stock is of lightweight construction and gives the shooter a more stable platform for CQB scenarios.

The CQR front grip with its bold ergonomic design combined with the stock completes the CQR concept for a CQB ready rifle. The front grip provides better control and accuracy. Mounted easily on the picatinny rails on the HERA Arms IRS handguard, the CQR front grip makes the CQR standout from other rifles.

The CQR features original HERA ARMS ambidextrous QD sling mounts and other parts to give you the authentic look and feel of the real steel German built rifle.

The version of the CQR features ICS’ SSS Gen 2 system.
The SSS Systems gives the shooter unique options for the rifle with such features as burst mode, lipo monitoring, pre-cocking.


  • Split gearbox for easy access and realistic disassembly
  • Quick spring change
  • Large ambidextrous charging handle
  • New detachable CFS folding front and rear sights fully adjustable
  • Multiple sling attachments points accommodates different carry methods
  • ICS SSS Gen. 2 (Self-Diagnosis Shooting System) Trigger Control

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